Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Adobe Bait and Switch Cancellation Charges for Product Membership

Just cancelled my subscription with Adobe and was charged a cancellation fee. Oh I told my story to the online "chat' support person. What I did was try to cancel 2 months ago and there was an alternative selection on the page to keep my subscription two more months and then I would not be charge a cancellation fee and the contract would end. I read it over and over  and over before I checked the box. I couldn't believe Adobe was going to be that cool.  Lo and behold, Today the Adobe support person said that they waived two months of charges and that I was under contract for the rest of the year (6 more months). So I would have to pay half to cancel. That is not what i agreed to when I first tried to end my contract and was given that "nice" option to pay for just 2 more months and then quit free of charge. I figured it was about $100 either way. I was on the premium plan. What a waste of money. I paid the cancellation of $156.00 today, just to end the senseless debate with the online "customer service" guy. 

When a company has to resort to tactics like "cancellation fees" to try to retain customers that shows me how dedicated they are to true customer service. How's that plan to charge monthly fees over just selling the product outright going for you now Adobe? Used to be you could retain customers because you had a great product. Now you charge them if they want stop using your product? Bad idea. Just lost one more customer. For life. Unfortunately, Adobe doesn't give a damn about customers anymore or their product. Or they wouldn't be penalizing them for not using it - after locking them in to eternal contract that auto renews forever. Had enough. So for your $156.00 bucks I gave you I am blogging on every social media site I can about how you treat your customers. I paid thousands for previous products and at least I still could use it after my wallet was cleaned out. Seems now Adobe isn't satisfied with just not allowing you to use the product after you cancel your contract - no matter how long you've had it, but will charge you for quitting them too. 

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